ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set
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ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Use your ProSource Acupressure mat for 10 to 30 minutes a day to feel complete pain relief and relaxation. It can be used on any sturdy surface and is easily portable. Our mat will help increase your energy and feel more relaxed at the same time. As you get used to the sensation you can stand on your mat, lie on your stomach, or roll it up to use for your neck’s pressure points. You could choose to target specific problem areas of your body, or you could follow our suggested wellness routine, so that you could maximize the mat’s capabilities and promote total body relaxation and feel healthy all over.


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Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

A bed of needles may not sound appealing, but once you experience its benefits, you may not want to leave it! The
ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set takes the healing concept of acupressure treatment and turns it into an easy, at-home remedy for stiff muscles, back and neck pain, insomnia, and more. The cushioned mat and pillow are covered in thousands of plastic needle points to promote restoration throughout your body.



The Acupressure Mat is just the right size for any user. At 25”L x 15 ¾” W, it comfortably covers the back to benefit both upper and lower muscles that can cause problems and pain. The pillow is 14 ¼”L x 4”H for comfortable, therapeutic support for the neck area.



Nearly 8,000 Acupressure Points

Soft foam is covered with 100% cotton material, and covered in plastic dots which each have 27 small spikes that apply pressure to the meridian lines of your body. The mat has a total of 6,210 acupressure points, while the pillow has 1,782.


Care & Maintenance

To extend the life of your mat and keep it fresh, store it in a cool, dry place. To clean, remove the foam core and gently hand wash the cotton cover. You may also turn the cotton cover inside-out to clean. Do not machine wash or dry, as this may damage the pressure point buttons. Drip dry only.



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