BOA Glute Activator
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BOA Glute Activator Exercise Band


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The Boa Glute Activator is a must have tool for any serious athlete committed to staying healthy and constantly improving. This tool will dynamically warmup, stretch, strengthen and activate your major lower body muscles i.e. hips, glutes, hamstrings and quads. Hip abductors are commonly overlooked and undertrained. These muscles are extremely important for hip, knee, ankle and back health.

The Boa Glute Activator targets and strengthens the weak points in the hip abductors and external rotators. Coaches will love this tool for teaching their athletes how to properly squat without collapsing their knees inward. This band is extremely simple to use. Simply place the circle band directly above the knees and the resistance is applied instantly by walking laterally, forward and backwards. Air squats, jumps and hip bridges are also just a few of the many exercises that the glute activator can be used to perform.

The breathable and extremely durable fabric will not pinch, grip or irritate the skin in any way, leaving all the focus on the exercises themselves.
Boa Glute Activator Size Chart by Body weight: Small – Under 135lbs. body weight Medium – 135-240lbs. body weight Large – Over 240 lbs. body weight



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